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Green Day Begins European Tour Today at the PinkPop Festival in Holland

Pink Pop Festival 2010 - Netherlands - First Stop on Green Day's European Tour

Green Day’s current tour came to a halt after their Far East Tour back in January when American Idiot on Broadway began in full. It’s been a few months since they played live except for the Foxboro Hot Tubs shows in New York City and their brief appearance on the St. James stage with the cast for MTV on 4/22/10. The tour starts again today in Holland at the PinkPop Festival. If you are in a location where it’s allowed, you can view the live stream of this concert as well as the other bands playing over the Festival Weekend at the PinkPop site. Green Day goes on at 20:30 CEST time, which is about 2:30 Eastern Standard Time.

Hopefully the site will have some videos that are viewable outside of Europe later on. Here’s hoping!