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Via the GDC:

Fender Bass Company has issued an online profile of the lovely Mike Dirnt. There are profiles of his basses and head, amp, and speaker. My favorite that I remember him playing is his Precision Bass with the beautiful black star on the white background. He looked long and sleek and the bass in his hands pumped out steady and intricate beats. He is the backbone to Green Day.

Not only that, but Mike has an awesome bass tech in Micah Chong (scroll down), who likes to wear kitty ears, and I’m really glad he does. On top of being awesome that Mike is the featured Fender artist with his gear and those kitty ears (a pink pair of which Mike usually dons during “King for a Day” along with a swishy pink tail), there are a series of photographs by a few photographers, including beautiful images of Mike by Green Day’s own photographer, Chris Dugan.

Ah, I love the Mike love… oh, and thanks for the picks! 🙂

Mikes Picks, Front

Mike's Picks, Front

Mikes Picks, Back (l. to r.: MSG2, San Antonio)

Mike's Picks, Back (l. to r.: MSG2, San Antonio)

UPDATE: The article linked from Micah’s name here at MIX: Professional Audio and Music Production Magazine, has a nice profile of Green Day’s tech crew and talks about their instruments. It gets a bit technical for me, but I’d thought I’d note here about Mike’s arsenal of basses:

“Mike [Dirnt] uses his own signature bass from Fender, essentially a ’53 P-Bass with a contoured body, modern P-Bass pickups and a BadAss II bridge,” bass tech Micah S. Chong says. “He also uses a ’69 P-Bass named Stella for the older songs. Mike uses a Fender Bassman 1200 with a Crown CE4000 power amp, driving three Fender 8×10 cabs. He also has an Avalon Design U5 that he uses for a DI.”

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