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Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary Adrienne and Billie Joe Armstrong!

Today, July 2nd, is the fifteenth wedding anniversary of Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong and his beautiful wife, Adrienne. Happy Anniversary!

The Beautiful Armstrongs

The Beautiful Armstrongs

The obvious comparisons of other rock stars and celebrities abound around these two… how many celebrities can you name these days that have made it to the 6-month mark in marriage, let alone fifteen years? Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are the only ones that I can think of, and sadly, Paul Newman passed away last year. Sure, there are others, but Billie Joe and Adrienne smash stereotypes found constantly in music, fame, and punk circles. They had to work hard at their successful marriage, and while sometimes these things fail, they made it. The example of their love is for me just another reason why I love Green Day.

There’s a nice article about Adrienne Armstrong, a powerhouse of a woman in her own right, from the Free Press of Mankato, MN, where she went to college and where the couple met. It’s a nice piece and reading it, you can tell why Billie Joe fell completely in love with her. Ah, romance… it’s great that it’s not completely dead these days.

As to the other members of GD, Tré won’t stay in a relationship to save his life is in a relationship, but let’s face it, he’s crazy, and Mike is currently with his second third wife, the beautiful Brittney Cade (they just had a baby, Brixton).

I hope the Armstrongs have a great celebration of their anniversary! Mazel tov!

BTW, the new tour starts tomorrow, July 3rd in Seattle. I see them in Albany on July 25th and then again at Madison Square Garden on July 27th. I cannot wait.

Waiting for the 21 Guns Video

[I wrote this over a week ago but thought I had lost the post. Well, I didn’t and here it is – GreenDayMind]

Yesterday I was roaming Brooklyn in the pouring rain looking for an apartment. That’s how you have to do it here in New York City, you take a neighborhood that you want to live in and seek out “For Rent” signs and broker agents. We do have a massive Craigslist presence, but I find Craigslist draining and overwhelming. I still have over a month to go to find a place, but I’m getting a drop on it  so that I won’t be caught off guard when the time comes.

While looking, I must have listened to “21st Century Breakdown” seven times… that’s how long  I was out and about looking. I was also trying to stop my head from thinking too much about what was happening yesterday in Iran but I stopped for a moment to catch up with the news on my iPhone and saw the aftermath of protests between Iranian citizens and the Revolutionary Guard of Iran, aka the Basijs. Clashes seem to have caused the death of several people, including a young girl by the name of Neda who literally died on film in front of the world’s eyes while standing next to her teacher.

I cried right there on the street.  But it was raining and so no one paid much attention to a wet face.

Anyway… tonight is the premiere of Green Day’s new video to the song “21 Guns.” It’s a bit apopros, if you ask me, that this song is being released as a single now. “21 Guns” is a love song about Christian and Gloria, the protagonists of “21st Century Breakdown,” but I see it more as about warring factions (whether it’s a war of love, an inner war or a physical one) surrending to each other in the midst of the fight.

Just… give… up… the… fight.

Sadly, humans love to fight and argue and kill, so unfortunately, nothing is going away in that regard for a long, long, time. Maybe one day we’ll evolve. I won’t be around to see it.