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The Breakdown will be Twittered: Atlanta

KristieAyers: Yep i do believe seeing green day in concert IS better than sex! Omg!

payneg: Thinks Green Day is probably best live act I have seen

The Breakdown will be Twittered: Hartford, CT.

TheDCKid Green Day was seriously the best concert of my life it was absolutely amazing

1surlygurl Most disturbing thing about Green Day concert: grown men skipping in a circle pit.

1surlygurl 2nd most disturbing thing about Green Day concert: over weight women in their 40’s wearing half shirts.

The Breakdown will be Twittered: Philadelphia

Lia_Davis green day isnt a movie people, why do you have popcorn?!

July 21, 2009

The Breakdown will be Twittered

This is a very funny conversation between two hardcores from Twitter. Deathlink is referring to the Green Day show in Ottawa on July 17, 2009:

Meezy2Dope @vrockaknolkasa Fuck Greenday! Listen to some Cannibal Corpse!

Deathlink @vrockaknolkasa You’re a vampire. I seen Greenday last night..they rocked.