On the Foxboro Hot Tubs and New York City

On the Band Known as the Foxboro Hot Tubs Making a Holy Appearance in the NY/NJ Area During the Opening Week of American Idiot as Stated by the Band Known as Green Day

It's Lushotology by Kryssi Kay

Some wiseguys were on the radio back on March 28th (listen to the audio to the 10:30 mark) and said that the band known as the Foxboro Hot Tubs would love to play around the opening week of American Idiot on Broadway (March 19-March 25). And of course, when some wiseguys said this, it sparked a frantic, “OMG OMG, The REVEREND in NYC!?!” squeeeeee heard ’round the world. Yes. I squeeeed. Shoot me. Of course, the wiseguys did not elaborate on important questions such as WHERE?? and WHAT?? when the DJ asked whether an appearance by the Reverend Twitch (“last seen in London throwing up on a jet”) and the Hot Tubs in the Greater New York City area was possible. Or likely. Mike and Billie Joe joked around and Billie Joe replied, “[I would love for the Rev. Strychnine Twitch and the Foxboro Hot Tubs] to do something around the opening of American Idiot, maybe at the place, Bowery Electric.” And then the band known as Green Day, Mike, Tre and Billie Joe shared a “tee-hee” moment of giggles.

London Call to Worship

Beautiful Hot Tubs in London by Chris Dugan

All I have to say is that I won’t get into a holy frantic over it until it happens. I learned my lesson in London last October when I made my supplications for a holy sighting of the band. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong weekend to see some band in England and missed Communion by a week when a surprise Hot Tubs show was announced on 11/1/09 at the Islington Garage (see Kerrang article about that show in the next section). Sigh. Patience is a virtue, right, Reverend Twitch?? The longer the wait, the harder the… uh… well… revelation… uh… will be… so let’s just say if it happens its going to be hella happening. (See all Foxboro Hot Tubs-related posts here.)

Cut to the Holy Chase

Wild Night in London Town - Foxboro Hot Tubs

Anyway, Mike and Billie Joe mentioned the “Bowery Electric.” I read somewhere that on March 11th, 2010, they attended the Bowery Electric for Adeline Records artist Jesse Malin‘s Burning The Bowery residency. A group of well-researched people (uh, y’know) did some digging and came up with speculative venue locations. There is a “Private Event” listing at the Bowery Ballroom on 4/19. And there’s a date on the Bowery Electric site, too, that is marked as “Surprise Show” on 4/27. And the must-see Mystic Knights of the Cobra will be in NYC and New Jersey from 4/21-4/24, too. The Cobras toured with FBHT in 2008. Hmmm.

Of course —>ALL OF THIS IS SPECULATION<— and only the Lushie Gods know when and if they will play, and who knows what could happen, but there are many possibilities! Now, if there’s a Kevin Preston (guitarist for the Foxies) or Jason Freese (he’s been known to play sax with them) sighting or if Billie Joe’s hair of a sudden turns blond, we’ll know for certain that something is afoot.

Other than that, I suggest checking Twitter feeds uh… religiously… during the opening week of American Idiot (last preview is Monday 4/19; show opens on Tuesday 4/20 (International Pot and Lushotology Holy Day) and the last show that week takes place on Saturday, 4/25) in order to keep abreast of any last second show announcements. Cause that’s how the Hot Tubs roll: at the last second and on the sly. Can’t let Warner Brothers know EXACTLY where the Foxboro Hot Tubs will show up! lol. And the Rev never says anything that he doesn’t mean. Right? Right??

If a show does happen sometime during Opening Week of American Idiot, Billie Joe noted in the interview that a prerequisite of the Foxies is “more people onstage than are actually in the band,” and Tre stated that there also must be “more beer than air” and Mike insisted on a low ceiling. New York Lushies are willing and able to commune onstage with beer under low ceilings! No worries about any of those prerequisites!

Get thee to a … bit of guilt

Actually, I’d like to say one other thing: There were a few people that I chatted with after the interview aired who were talking about heading to NYC for the Foxies without even knowing if the band were actually going to play. The only problem with that is that they are much-O brok-O right now and can’t afford to come that week but would love the chance to worship with the Foxies. They would be awfully disappointed if they traveled to NYC on a shoestring and a miraculous sighting of the Holy Fathers did not apparate (wait, how did Harry Potter get in here?) at some time in a New York Lushotologist’s future. So, don’t tease the Lushie Nuns unless you’re gonna do it. It would be scandalous to the Church!

I’m applying the guilt found above more so in the form of a fetish dungeon then in the form of a “guilty religion” dungeon, so I’m pretty sure that I’m not breaking any tenets of the Church of Lushotology. If, of course, there were any Lushotology tenets besides drinking to break.

Whatever happens,  NYC is waiting.

A Call to the Lushie Nuns

Won’t you, oh Lushie Nuns, add your supplications for an appearance in the NY/NJ area in the comments? Remember, make them Lushly!

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8 responses to “On the Foxboro Hot Tubs and New York City

  • Barb

    This Lushie heard the interview, too, and almost kicked herself for going to the pre-opening, opening show — but it was great, and at least sightings there were of other personages from another band. Still, if I KNEW they were going to be there, and I could get in… even if I can’t there are many other mendicants that I can plead for, so oh Rev, do, do make it happen!

    • greendaymind

      Barb! I know that somewhere (probably not here cause I doubt that they read this blog, but heck, one can pretend!) that the Rev has heard your supplications and while he may be sad that you will miss a show that might not even happen, he is probably pleased that you went to that other band’s B’way show. Though, I wouldn’t want to speak for him. And if hindsight were 20/20, we’d be rich!

      How did you like AI? Did I meet you when you here? I met so many people that first weekend.

    • greendaymind

      And thank you for your supplication!

  • Barb

    Hey, girl! Wish I had met you! I didn’t meet anyone, except the people in line behind me. I was with my hubby, in the 7th row, sitting next to Larry’s friend, with Larry next to her. Got to tell him how much I enjoyed his blog. And I was in front of Tom Hulce(who I got to speak to and tell him how much I LOVE him as an actor!, and in the row in front of Mike, Brittney, Billie, Adrienne and Joey(who I did not speak to, lol). Oh, thanked Tom for bringing AI to the stage. Saw Michael Mayer, but he was talking to Tom H, so didn’t interrupt. Oh, and spoke to Christine’s(extraordinary girl) father when we were leaving. He had roses for her, and I am a rose freak! When I came up from the restroom, saw Tre(and his daughter and a friend?), but didn’t bother him either, ha ha! My husband was with me. Thought the show was even better than the Berkeley production. Anyway, if I KNEW the tubbies were going to be there, and when, I would hitch a ride on a plane to attend the services. Man, I am chatty! Gotta go to bed. Keep on praying!

    • greendaymind

      I was there that night, sitting not far from you, in the left orchestra. I met a lot of other fans from the Green Day Community, I didn’t meet any of the band, I’ve met Billie Joe and Tre before, and they were way overrun by fans, so I just watched from a distance. I did speak to Mike for the first time and asked him about the Frustrators, what was going on with them, and we chatted for a few seconds while he signed autographs. Spoke with some of the cast for a bit, especially Gallagher, who I’ve met a few times. He shocked me when he remembered by name. EEK. Haha. Sweet kid. Anyway, I’ll keep praying! You, too!

  • Barb

    Oh, yeah, they are so YOUNG, lol! My husband kept turning to watch BJ during the show, and said that sometimes he was singing along, which Don thought was tres Cool, so to speak. So who did you get to meet? I am jealous! Oops, I was going to bed, wasn’t I.

  • greendaymind

    Barb, how are things going? Hope better!

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