Green Day – “¡Viva la Gloria!” in Prague

Prague, you lucky Lushies, you…

“¡Viva la Gloria!” – Green Day – Prague, 6/29/10

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2 responses to “Green Day – “¡Viva la Gloria!” in Prague

  • AGA

    haha I was there, it was amazing show! Setlist was wonderful and tre cool was so crazy! EVEN JASON WHITE WAS SIGNING! 3 HOURS OF MUSIC, FUN..;P

    • greendaymind

      Hi Aga!

      Yes, I heard it was an amazing show. And that Jason split his pants, lol. You guys are lucky, you got a great show! Only the second time that they’ve played Viva La Gloria in a stadium, I think. Japan in January and maybe at the Fox in Oakland last year. Good times. Congrats!

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